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Vacuum Formed ProductsThermoforming (Vacuum Forming) is a generic term that encompasses a variety of methods for producing three-dimensional parts from flat sheets of film. Danco Packaging Products can provide vacuum or thermoformed packaging. We are a full service company that can provide complete package and assemble or just provide the container. It's your choice.

  1. Vacuum Formed ProductsThe Clam Shell is the most secure and universally accepted clear see through package. Our outstanding package design in addition to value added services are reasons why we are one of the fastest growing packaging suppliers. We can assist you with all elements from design, prototypes, assembly and product delivery.

  2. Vacuum Formed ProductsThe Blister and Blister Card Package is one of the most tamper evident forms of packaging. In order to gain access to the product you must break the seal between the clear see through blister and the printed information card. The paperboard is manufactured specifically for blister packaging.

  3. Vacuum Formed ProductsBlister with Folded Edge and Slide in Card. No Sealing or special coated card required. This type of blister is manufactured with a channel on each edge of the main blister body compartment forming a friction fit. The channel provides a path allowing the printed card to slide onto the back of blister closing the package.

  4. Vacuum Formed ProductsCustom Packaging Trays are used for shipping multiple parts in an organized fashion. Packaging trays can be designed to protect the individual product units, and make loading and unloading a very efficient and easy packaging method. Custom Trays are commonly used for electronic or auto parts and can be made in a variety of materials.

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