Congratulations Class of 2011 – Never Give Up!

Holyoke High Class of 2011 - Photo by Michael Beswick of the Republican

In the last couple of weeks many kids that I tutored while volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke graduated from high school (Congratulations Guys!) and just like many other friends, moms, dads, aunts and uncles out there I am wondering how did this happen so fast? It feels like only yesterday I was helping them with their math and English homework.

Throughout childhood and on into high school life just seems to take longer it moves at a slow pace. Life gets busier after high school and seems to go at a more rapid pace and it only gets faster once you get to the work force. I should know I graduated in 1995 and I can’t believe it’s already 2011 my 20 year reunion hastily approaching.

To the proud members of the class of 2011 I say enjoy it. Take your time don’t be in such a rush to grow up. There is plenty of time for that.  I wish them congratulations, success and happiness. Also, I wish them patience because from here on out, life will move faster and get fuller and more responsibilities will fill up every corner of time. So when there’s something or someone that requires a wait, be patient with great expectation that there is a reward at the end. When you finally get what you were waiting for, it will be so much more precious.

“Just keep trying! Never give up, never, never give up!
Because the only person that can stop you is – you!” – Yvonne Thorton