5 Reason Why Packaging is Important for Your Product

Understanding why packaging is important for the success of your business is essential

Packaging is important because it:

  • Supports branding. Packaging can support a brand’s image, helping to establish its identity. For example, colorful packaging and creative designs are made to grab a consumer’s attention and differentiate their products on store shelves. The concept of “eye-catching” also applies when it comes to names and descriptions: the more memorable or clever these features are, the better your product will be at attracting customers.

  • Influences purchase decisions. Relatedly, many consumers consider packaging when deciding which products to buy. For example, if two products have similar ingredients but one has a more appealing package design than the other, consumers may be more likely to choose that one over its competitor. This pattern is particularly prevalent among millennials.

  • Protects the product inside from damage or deterioration during transport or storage by containing it within certain protective materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags or bottles and so on.

  • Helps enhance product safety by incorporating safety features like child-resistant caps for medicine bottles and tamper-proof seals for food containers

  • Improves shelf appeal – attractive packaging can make a difference in how quickly your goods move off the shelves

1. Business Branding

A brand symbolizes your business in the market. To maintain a healthy growth of your business, it is essential to have an effective business branding strategy in place. Effective business branding helps you create an emotional connection with your target audience and stand out from your competitors.

It is necessary to create a consistent brand image for all the promotional activities of your product or service. If you’re selling some kind of product, you can use packaging as an effective platform for promoting your brand and differentiating it from other similar products in the market.

2. Influences consumer purchase decisions

As a consumer, you’ve experienced how marketing influences your purchase decisions. But maybe you aren’t aware of just how much packaging can influence customer decisions.

Packaging helps sell your product

Did you know that nearly 80% of consumers find packaging design to be the most important aspect when purchasing a product online? And 75% say they make their decision in under 5 seconds. That’s it!

Why is this? Well, in today’s world where people are hungry for information and visual stimulation, most people prefer to get as much information as possible before they buy anything at all. So if your product has a poor packaging design, there is good chance that you have lost out on plenty of business without even knowing it.

3. Product protection

  • Increase shelf life
  • Prevent damage from transit

  • Prevent damage from handling

  • Prevent damage from the environment (humidity, light, heat etc.)

  • Keeps contaminants out

4. Improves shelf appeal

The fourth reason that packaging is important is that it helps your product stand out from the competition. When a customer goes to the store, they have many choices. If you have great packaging and your competitors do not, you will be able

to attract customers toward your product instead of theirs. Why does this happen? There are a few reasons, but the first involves what we already talked about: shelf appeal. If a customer walks into a store and sees your fun, colorful packaging while they see plain brown boxes or boring white paper bags next to it, where do you think their eyes will go?

Second of all, think about branding. Branding means building an identity for yourself so that customers know who you are when they see you on the shelves or online. You want them to recognize your brand and feel comfortable with it because

that puts them at ease when they buy from you. If someone has never heard of your company before but sees that fun colorful package in the store and thinks “Wow! That looks fun!” then suddenly their familiarity with your brand just shot up by quite

a lot! This can really help convince them to purchase from you rather than risk buying from a company whose products look like “generic” items sold in bulk or off-brand alternatives (i.e., knockoffs).

5. Enhances product safety

With consumer safety being of paramount importance in the modern world, your product packaging is responsible for a lot more than just looking good. If you’re selling anything, then your package needs to be functional and protect that product. But consumer safety concerns extend beyond just keeping your goods intact and safe from outside hazards.

  • Many products are especially dangerous if consumed by children, even if they’re entirely harmless in the hands of adults. As such, all potential hazards should be assessed when developing a package design. Does this container need childproofing? Can its contents be used safely by children?

  • In addition to containing potentially dangerous items, your packaging may contain items that are expensive or otherwise valuable. Tamper-evident seals can help customers know where their goods have been before they buy them.