3 Weeks Since the Fire Update

It’s been 3+ weeks since the fire and we wanted to touch base with all our awesome and patient customers.

Inventory from the Westfield warehouse has been successfully moved to the new warehouse in Chicopee and is being sorted and organized. This means two things.

  1. We can start shipping said inventory. YAY!!!
  2. Shipping turnaround time is now 24 to 48 hours and sometimes even 72. Not so yay!

This is due to said sorting and organizing and a few other factors. This inventory includes our Stationery Boxes, Clear Plastic Tubes and Clearance Reclosable Bags. I have gone ahead and placed these items back on the website but again please bare in mind the lead time. Please, also take into consideration our holiday schedule.

We apologize for any and all inconvenience.

We Are Back…Again*

JC Danczak New OfficesIt’s been exactly 13 days since the fire at our headquarters in Westfield, MA and we are exited to announce that we are up and running at our new offices in Holyoke, MA. As you can see from the photo it’s a bit of mess in here but the most important thing is that we have our computers up and running and we can process orders.

Why the asterisk? Well, we are still unable to ship any orders that include stationery boxes and plastic packaging tubes. Of our over 6000 products these two product lines ship from our warehouse and we are still in the process of getting those situated. All other items are available for immediate shipment.

We hope to be at full strength in two weeks time, around thanksgiving. Please bare with us as we build back from the ashes, literally. 🙂

Start Shopping Today!

UPDATE * Fire At Our Headquarters * UPDATE

Its been a week since the fire at our headquarters and after further evaluation we are pleased to announce that we will be up and running early NEXT WEEK!

We are in the process of moving offices and moving our inventory so we are not at 100% but we should be able to start shipping at least most of our products; this includes everything except, Stationery Boxes and Clear Plastic Tubes. These product lines should be back and ready to ship the following week.

Phone lines will take a bit longer to get situated but email is and has been working. You can always reach us via email and we will reply or call to follow up, if need be. Do so at customerservice@jcdanczak.com


We look forward to be able to be up and running at 100% soon.