Announcing the JC Danczak Daily Deal!

JC Danczak Daily DealJC Danczak is proud to announce the launch of our Daily Deal.  The Daily Deal is yet another way to save BIG at Save up to 25% on any given product on any given day.

The Daily Deal is updated everyday at 8:30am EST. Friday Daily Deals run all weekend giving our customers even more time to get in on the deal.

The Details:

  • There are no quantity restrictions but if we sell out the deal is over until the next day.
  • The Daily Deal price will NOT honored at a later date.
  • If you purchased the Daily Deal product the day before we will NOT refund you the difference.
  • Buying large quantities of the Daily Deal does not qualify for a better price unless otherwise specified on the product page.

The Daily Deal will always be found at

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