Use of Kraft Paper in creating stationery boxes

a9-kraft-2-pieceIn order to create papers, there are some chemical pulping processes used. In these processes separations of cellulose fibers from lignin takes place. Lignin is first dissolved in liquor. The papers made through this process is also called wood free papers. The kinds of chemical pulping processes used in creating paper are sulphite and kraft processes. The kraft paper is the most used method. However there are other advantages to this method. It is used to create electricity which is produced by heat created through the chemical reaction with lignin. This electricity produced is used to run the generators. Also the method recovers the inorganic chemical reagents.

Kraft paper is also called sack kraft paper or sack paper. It is porous in nature and have high elasticity. The pulp reamed in the kraft process is stronger than sulphite processes. The main reason behind this strength is low content of lignin. Linens are hydrophobic and usually interferes with the cellulose fiber’s hydrogen bond. The paper produced through this process is darker. However through bleaching processes the paper can be made white.

Kraft papers have many uses to its credit. They are used to create paper folders which are used to keep all important documents and papers. They are used in producing envelopes, Multiwall sacks and grocery bags. For sandpaper the base paper is the kraft paper. Since it is cheap, the paper is also used in lining particle boards. Stationery boxes created from kraft papers are used avidly. It is a perfect way to keep all items in one place. The boxes are having silver holes on both sides that can be used for holding purposes.  The stationery boxes are a perfect gift for housewarmings, birthdays, wedding anniversary and Christmas.

Why kraft papers are used in making stationery boxes and other so many areas is because of their varied quality and features. The prime quality being that it is strong and have high tensile strength. It has high tear resistance and is used invariably to create products that are of high strength and durability. The paper is highly absorbent in nature and has a good uniformity.

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