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Greeting Card Box Sizes

Danco Packaging Products stocks a variety of boxes that fit the most common standard greeting card envelope sizes. Listed below are the Inside Dimensions of our greeting card boxes and a few helpful suggestions when determining which greeting card box to purchase.

Clear Lid with Paper Board Bases:

Clear Lid with Clear Bases:

Measure your envelopes! Not your greeting cards!

1. Many people make the common mistake of measuring their greeting cards instead of measuring their envelopes. Since the envelopes are larger than their corresponding cards, the envelope is the determining size factor when buying a greeting card box. There should be a small amount of space around your greeting cards and envelopes so that your customer can easily remove them from the box.

2. How many greeting cards and envelopes will fit in a box? - Since cards and envelopes can be made from a variety of thicknesses of cardboard and paper, it is impossible to determine exactly how many of your cards and envelopes will fit into a Wildcat Greeting Card Box. To be sure, measure a stack of cards and envelopes to determine the stacks height. It is common to rotate smaller stacks of cards and envelopes in one box to create a more level stack. Our Regular A2 boxes fit approximately 10 Cards with Envelopes while all our 1 inch deep boxes can comfortably fit 15 greeting cards and envelopes, but it's best to measure your cards and envelopes to be sure.

3. If you don't see a size that fits your cards Danco Packaging Products can provide custom size boxes for any greeting card. View your options here then contact us by sending an email to orders@dancopackagingproducts.com or call us toll-free at 1-800-831-3220 for a custom quote.

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