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Haz Mat Plastic Jug Foam Shipper Kits

Everything you need in a convenient kit!

  • Accepted by domestic and international freight carriers.
  • Complete Shipper Kit includes: Pre-assembled carton, round plastic jug with cap and foam insert.
  • Carton is manufactured from 275#/ECT-44, kraft corrugated.
  • All include mandatory warning information printed on carton.
  • UN/USA D.O.T. approved containers.
  • UN Number 4G/Y22.2/S.
  • In accordance with CFR 49 178.601B, shipper is responsible for choosing the correct packaging for product and for final closure. CONSULT APPROPRIATE REGULATIONS.
Product #: HAZ1130
$35.06 / Case
Product #: HAZ1131
$45.84 / Case
Product #: HAZ1132
$64.80 / Case
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