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Crystal Clear Value Boxes

Get More Bang For Your Buck With Value Boxes

When it comes to bulk packaging we understand that the quality of each individual package might not be the most important feature. Cost effective packaging is made with less costly materials so that we can provide bulk orders for value boxes at lower prices than any other box in our product catalog. While still keeping their signature crystal clear look, our value boxes are perfect for showing off the finer details of your products, safe from being handled carelessly or broken. Value boxes come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, useful for packaging anything from toy cars to blankets and teddy bears. All boxes are food safe and can be used to creatively package candies, cooking supplies, or dried foods.

The main selling point on these boxes is their affordable price, it's probably pretty easy to figure that out from the name "value boxes". Regardless of their price, these boxes are engineered with specially formulated plastic that retains a high clarity in a 10 mil thick design. For supplying our bulk items with easy to use containers that keep your product safe while looking great. All boxes are available at wholesale prices and come in packs of at least 50 units per order.

Product #: VB291
$12.78 / Pack
Product #: VB309
$107.57 / Pack
Product #: VB310
$87.39 / Pack
Product #: VB292
$11.98 / Pack
Product #: VB293
$14.40 / Pack
Product #: VB294
$27.06 / Pack
Product #: VB296
$30.14 / Pack
Product #: VB295
$19.18 / Pack
Product #: VB297
$26.90 / Pack
Product #: TB347
$20.75 / Pack
Product #: VB299
$42.82 / Pack
Product #: VB311
$37.01 / Pack
Product #: VB298
$24.32 / Pack
Product #: VB300
$47.06 / Pack
Product #: VB301
$47.97 / Pack
Product #: VB302
$47.97 / Pack
Product #: VB303
$45.23 / Pack
Product #: VB312
$55.50 / Pack
Product #: VB304
$66.80 / Pack
Product #: VB305
$94.21 / Pack
Product #: VB306
$66.80 / Pack
Product #: VB307
$73.95 / Pack
Product #: VB308
$92.43 / Pack
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