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Maintenance Kit for Automatic Table Top Impulse Sealers

Add extra life to your automatic heat sealers with these affordable maintenance kits. They include all you need to keep your investment running at peak performance. Our automatic sealer kits include 1 heating element, 1 upper teflon roll (8-10 changes) and 1 lower teflon insulator. Related Products: Automatic Table Top Sealers Impulse Heat Sealers

Product #: 15-MP-12AK
$28.00 / Kit
Product #: 15-MP-18AK
$40.00 / Kit
Product #: 15-MP-18A5K
$46.00 / Kit
Product #: 15-MP-24AK
$51.00 / Kit
Product #: 15-MP-24A5K
$60.30 / Kit
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