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Impulse Heat Sealers with Cutter

These impulse heat sealers come with a cutter built into the handle to trim the poly bag or poly tubing to the correct size after sealing it. Use these impulse sealers to easily seal and secure poly bags, poly tubing or any other poly product. These impulse heat sealers require no warm up, displays a signal when the bag is completely sealed, and they leave no messy residue behind! These bag sealers will seal up to a 5 mil. poly bag and they create a 1/16" wide seal. Similar Products: Foot Pedal Bag Sealers Impulse Heat Sealers Impulse Heat Sealer Spare Parts Kit
Product #: 15-MP-8C
$140.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-12C
$176.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-16C
$228.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-20C
$273.00 / Sealer
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