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Door Knob Flat Bags

Hanging Door Knob Bags

Clear door knob bags are a great way to hand out company promotions and brochures without the worry of your materials blowing away in the wind. Hang these bags on door knobs for a secure delivery while knowing it is protected from the elements.

  • Door knob hanging bags come bundled on cardboard hangers with easy use perforation or a loose leaf option
  • Clear bags to see promotional and marketing materials
  • LDPE material is durable and strong to withstand handling
  • Open ended bags are quick to insert and remove mailing material
Product #: DK7
$6.51 / Pack
Product #: DK3W
$8.03 / Pack
Product #: DK3
$7.00 / Pack
Product #: DK1
$7.15 / Pack
Product #: DK5
$8.88 / Pack
Product #: DK6
$14.24 / Pack
Product #: DK4
$12.51 / Pack
Product #: DK2W
$14.83 / Pack
Product #: DK2
$12.96 / Pack
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