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Water Soluble

Water Soluble bags may look like a traditional bag, but they aren’t! These retail handle bags are made from 2.75 mil PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) material, and are designed to degrade in hot water at +149 degrees Fahrenheit. Water Soluble bags are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Due to the nature of the material, bags will start to dissolve quickly when exposed to moisture and/or humidity. Dissolvable bags will need to be kept in their original packaging until ready to use. Please store at room temperature between 45-86 F.

These eco retail handle bags can be disposed of in a few different ways, including by running them under hot water in the sink, placing them into your trash that goes to the landfill, or recycling them. Water Soluble bags will quickly dissolve into carbon dioxide and water in the natural cycle.

  • Eco Friendly, water soluble material
  • Made with a carrying handle
  • Clear material to easily see inner contents
  • 2.75 mil thickness
Product #: H912WS
$35.90 / Pack
Product #: H1215WS
$50.99 / Pack
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