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Maintenance Kit for Shrink Wrap Systems

We offer a spare parts kit for each of our shrink wrap systems. These kits are sold individually and they include 1 heating element, 1 element cover, 1 element insulator, and 1 seal bed cover. These kits are to be used with the heat sealing component of the shrink wrap systems.

Product #: 15-MP-12TSK
$11.40 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-13SWK
$19.00 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-16SWK
$32.00 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-18SWK
$25.00 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-24SWK
$32.50 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-27SWK
$46.00 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-32SWK
$58.00 per Kit
Product #: 15-MP-40SWK
$66.00 per Kit
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