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Foot Pedal Heat Sealers

Use our foot pedal sealers for higher volume bag sealing jobs. * These sealers are mounted on a pedistal and operated with a foot pedal to allow for faster sealing. * These sealers have a variable seal time of 0.2 - 3 seconds. * These sealers will seal poly materials up to 24" in length and 8 mil. in thickness. * These sealers create a 5/64" wide seal. * These units come with a 90 day warranty. Similar Products: Impulse Heat Sealers
Impulse Heat Sealers with Trimmer
Product #: 15-MP-12F1
$364.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-18F1
$436.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-24F1
$500.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-FX
$100.00 / Sealer
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