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Kraft Corrugated Bookfolds

Economical kraft bookfolds help cut mailing costs.

  • These one-piece mailers have scores at multiple depths to ensure the proper fit for your products.
  • Simply place product in the center, fold in the sides at your desired depth and seal with tape.
  • Economical 200#/ECT-32-B, kraft corrugated construction.
Product #: M961K
$52.69 per Bundle
Product #: M1081K
$57.88 per Bundle
Product #: M1BKK
$79.74 per Bundle
Product #: M1291K
$80.81 per Bundle
Product #: M2BKK
$62.32 per Bundle
Product #: M12121K
$69.18 per Bundle
Product #: MIBMROSK
$87.55 per Bundle
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