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Cupcake Bags

In the world of cupcakes, presentation is everything. Whether you’re wrapping cupcakes for a customer or pre-packaging them to fly off the shelves, you need to make sure that your cupcakes are perfectly wrapped in packaging designed for your products – ideally all at an affordable price. At ClearBags, we are one of the leading providers of wholesale cupcake packaging. We offer both bags and boxes that are very popular with cupcake bakeries. Browse our inventory to find the clear cupcake bags or boxes that are right for you.

Product #: CBG4
$61.39 / Pack
Product #: CBG3
$47.97 / Pack
Product #: CBG1XL
$49.87 / Pack
Product #: CBG4XL
$61.39 / Pack
Product #: CBG8
$43.54 / Pack
Product #: CBG7
$80.51 / Pack
Product #: CBG6
$66.86 / Pack
Product #: CBG5
$80.51 / Pack
Product #: CBG2
$68.51 / Pack
Product #: CZHB2
$134.53 / Pack
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