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Hand Held Heat Sealers

Our hand-held heat sealers for packaging are designed for low volume bag sealing. Both of our portable hand-held heat sealers come with a table mount (for mounting the heat sealer to a table) and a foot pedal to make operating the sealer faster and easier than ever! Use our 6" cellophane sealer for sealing cellophane materials. Our 6" poly bag sealer is ideal for low volume sealing of bags smaller than 6" wide.

Product #: 15-MP-5
$148.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-6PS
$135.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-6CS
$144.00 / Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-6FP
$50.00 / Sealer
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