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ICE-BRIX Cold Packs

Keep perishables at a constant and desirable temperature for days or extend your shipping times with ICE-BRIX Cold Packs. The ultimate in gel refrigerant packs.

  • Leakproof, reusable and economical to use.
  • These cold packs for shipping are specially formulated with food-safe, non-toxic materials that stay colder than ice.
  • Tested and shown to be the coldest and best gel refrigerant available.
Product #: IB6BPD
$53.59 per Case
Product #: IB8BPD
$46.71 per Case
Product #: IB12BPD
$41.50 per Case
Product #: IB16BPD
$35.54 per Case
Product #: IB24BPD
$33.57 per Case
Product #: IB31BPD
$32.19 per Case
Product #: IB32BPD
$32.19 per Case
Product #: IB48BPD
$31.58 per Case
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