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Shrink Wrap Sealers with Timer

These are I-Bar (single arm) sealers for sealing shrink film. The single bar (arm) contains a single heat element that both seals and cuts centerfold or single wound shrink film from 50 to 250 gauge thickness. They feature a low profile laminate base, baked enamel finish and built in film roller. Solid state timer takes away the guesswork out of sealing different types and thicknesses of film.

Product #: 15-MP-13SWTS
$312.80 per Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-18SWTS
$392.70 per Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-24SWTS
$300.00 per Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-32SWT
$467.50 per Sealer
Product #: 15-MP-40SWT
$513.40 per Sealer
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